Middlesex County Bar Association
The goals of the Middlesex County Bar Association include fostering respect for the legal profession amongst the public; representing the views, interests and concerns of the legal community of Middlesex County on all issues affecting the practice of law and administration of justice, and promoting ethical conduct, collegiality and mutual respect among the members of the legal community in Middlesex County.

Attorney Jeffrey R. Brown has been a proud and active member of the Family Law Section of the Middlesex County Bar Association for over 10 years. The Family Law Section has several dinner meetings per year. Guest speakers lecture on a variety of topics related to the practice of divorce and family law in New Jersey and Middlesex County. The Middlesex County Family Court judges are invited as guests of the Family Law Section and frequently attend these dinners, where members of the Bench and Bar can exchange views and ideas in a relaxed, collegial setting.

The Middlesex County Bar Association contains resources for both attorneys and the public.

New Jersey Judiciary
This website contains a great deal of useful information, as well as links to a number of other helpful resources. From this site, one can access driving directions to all of the County Courts, the Court’s holiday and Motion schedule, emergency closing information, and contact information for every sitting Judge in New Jersey.

Through the Municipal Court link, a user can obtain information for every Municipal Court throughout the state, including the address of the Court, contact phone number, and hours of operation. There is also a link to the Statewide Violations Bureau Schedules, which lists the fines for a wide variety of New Jersey traffic violations.

New Jersey Supreme and Appellate Court Decisions
From this site, a user can access both published as well as unpublished opinions from the New Jersey Supreme Court and the New Jersey Appellate Division. Published decisions are available for 10 days, after which they can be accessed from the Rutgers Camden Law School site, a link for which is contained on this site.

American Bar Association
While this site is designed primarily for attorneys, the ABA also publishes books on a variety of legal topics, some for the lay public, in areas such as divorce and bankruptcy. However, since these books do not appear to be state law specific, they are no substitute for a consultation with a practicing New Jersey attorney.

United States Bankruptcy Court- District of New Jersey
Among the resources contained on this site are links to the Bankruptcy Code, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, and Official and Local Bankruptcy Forms.

Cornell University Law School
This site contains links to both federal and state law resources.

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