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Are you involved in a divorce that is leading to child support issues? Why not contact experienced New Jersey Divorce lawyer, Jeffrey R. Brown, who can represent and guide you through this difficult time?

In divorce cases where there are children, child support will need to be set. In New Jersey, child support is determined in the vast majority of cases by utilizing a formula better known as the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. The Child Support Guidelines take into account the number of children and the incomes of the mother and father, as well as various other factors, including the cost of any work-related child care which is being paid, any previous child support orders in effect, mandatory pension contributions, any alimony which is being paid or received, and so forth. The Child Support Guidelines also take into account the number of overnight visits the non-custodial parent receives with the children.

Most people don’t realize that in New Jersey, child support does not automatically end when a child reaches 18. Instead, in New Jersey, child support often continues until the child finishes college. Since emancipation in New Jersey is not automatic, a person paying child support must formally apply to the Court to emancipate the child to end the support obligation. In determining whether to emancipate, the Court will consider such factors as whether or not the child is a full time college student, whether the child is progressing satisfactorily through college, the age of the child, whether or not the child is working or should be working, and any special needs which the child may have.

If you have a child support matter, contact the law office of Jeffrey R. Brown, Esq. to consult with an experienced attorney who can explore the various factors in your case which need to be considered when determining child support to ensure that you are either paying or receiving the appropriate amount.

Contact experienced NJ divorce lawyer Jeffrey R. Brown to represent and guide you through this difficult time.

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